Saunter on the coast line of Tanzania.

On one extreme diversity, they have helped over millions of years to reach a point of specialization rarely achieved in fresh water and closed, fish are the most visible demonstration.

We invite you to discover the diversity of landscapes that may be encountered along the shoreline, big sandy beaches, islands and islets scattered some distance from the strike of the cliffs where the mountains abruptly plunged to Megaliths crowded …

      Kigoma Boatyard is owned with Ministry of Livestock and Fishing unders fisheries Department used to make Vessel. Kigoma boat yard.
Ferrys in the port at Lake Tanganyika.

      Kibrizi small port used ferry passenger and cargo to neighbour countries Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo. The Vessel used to ferry are made by wood.

      Mv.Liemba used to ferry Passenger and cargo from Kigoma to Kasanga also cross border to Zambia and to Kigoma.

Mv. Liemba | Cargo on lake Tanganyika | Passenger for Tanzania Burundi Zambia Congo democratic.
Karilani village | near Mahale moutains and Mahale ntional park in Tanzania.

      Kalilani (Karilani) village at this village you will find the most interesting Mahale National park have beautiful chimpanzees and spot a variety wildlife.

      Kalilani island, this island has some few crocodiles.

Karilani island | island off the Tanzanian coast.

       Lyamembe Village is among of village used to catch some wild cichlids.

      Ikola village is in southern of the lake Tanganyika at Mpanda Distric, Rukwa Region.

Ikola village.
Kabwe location | lake Tanganyika | Tanzania.

      Kabwe village are southern of the lake Tanganyika at Namanyere district , Rukwa Region.

    Msalaba Village where found a most pretty Benthochromis Tricoti.

Msalaba location of Benthochromis tricoti.       Msalaba rocks nobody lives.
This is a short trip along the Tanzanian coast. On these shores many cichlids are captured and sent to the four corners of the world and bring happiness to many aquarists. Fishermen catching Cyphotilapia gibberosa at Mpimbwe area.
Fishermen catching with hook (Ndoano) Cyphotilapia gibberosa at Mpimbwe 5 km from the lake shore.